You are currently viewing # Communication #Connections are #TheWay to #Appreciate #Others

# Communication #Connections are #TheWay to #Appreciate #Others

# Communication #Connections are #TheWay to #Appreciate #Others

To be appreciated. Isn’t that want we truly want? It involves being heard for what you intend the message to be. It involves feeling good when you speak. Not just talking, but also really saying something of value. It is communicating with those you care about. And more importantly, it is letting them know how much you care about them. Not just on a special occasion like a birthday, but every time you get together.

A communication connection. That’s what it’s all about. For business people, it is developing relationships. It is achieving organizational goals, and confirming a job well done. People want to know you will help them, your employees, your associates and stakeholders. It is providing needed feedback and creating rapport with new customers.

But again, it’s all about the communication connection. When I help my clients or speak to organizations, I focus on what’s important – the communication connection. Everyone wants to be appreciated and heard for his or her unique skills, talents, and abilities they have. We need to develop the leaders within us through saying something of value. Remember don’t just talk … Say something…

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