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I remember being at Falling Waters several years ago and never thought about how it affected me. I believe the relationship between your communication with others and your communication with nature can offer us something to think upon. It can help us to decide to live cleanly.

Living Clean… To me it means deciding to develop your mind, heart, and spirit. It is important to always be a lifelong learner. The alternative is to wither and die- so to speak. To be open to new ideas, expands you and doesn’t allow your mind to go back to its original shape. It gives the opportunity for change leading to growth. Focus on learning one new thing from someone else. You never know what someone can share to help you- just ask.

To develop your spirit means to focus on the important things in your life like friends and family. Learn to communicate better each day to make those important connections even stronger. And it means taking the time to explore your relationship with a higher power (whatever that means to you).

Finally, building a strong heart. This gives you the fortitude to persevere in light of life’s upsets and troubles. Whether loving relationships work out or not… Whether friends stay or move on…

Your heart stays strong to the challenges and open to new possibilities. Let me share with you someone who knew more than I do about what living clean means.

These organic commandments by Frank Lloyd Wright seem to sum up what I am trying to say: Love is the virtue of the heart, Sincerity is the virtue of the mind, Courage is the virtue of the spirit, Decision is the virtue of the will.

These are all tools I use to help clients improve their communication and leadership skills. Deciding may be difficult but it must be considered… Who knows what life will have to offer tomorrow? It will be different and most likely wonderful if you look for it and allow it. Communicate your best each day… Make tomorrow even better than today…

What does living clean mean to you?

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