Are we are becoming too #disconnected?

We take shortcuts on everything …

We have fast food, fast times, and even speed dating. Technology is changing our skills. Human interaction is being replaced with our technology. We are using computers, cellphones, and social media. We believe these types of changes are those that we think we like. But we have become more and more distracted- there is so much more to do, see, and respond to.

Everything is instantaneous.  So, I can understand that it is getting more difficult to know what to pay attention to and to be able to engage others. It is hard to be heroic and authentic to connect with someone- it takes risk.

We are living a fast-paced life. It has been reported that we have barely enough time to spare- less than 5 hours a week of free time. We have to check our cellphones and social media many times a day. We don’t seem to even have the time to put down our phones, and meet a friend. We try to get so much accomplished – it makes us feel like we have to get in, get out, and get it done.

I believe it may even be time to put down the phone, and meet a friend for coffee.

Technology may also be destroying the meaning in interactions, disconnecting us from the world. We may be thinking we interact more, but research has shown us, we feel more dis-connected and isolated than ever before. And as a result, even our brains may be changing.

So, I challenge you…

What if you decided today in order to achieve your big goals and dreams, you must put the cellphone down and connect to someone?

AND, what if you decided today to make all of your interactions important to create real relationships, feel happier, and live longer?

What if you decided today to risk being #heroic and connect?

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