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As we acknowledge the end of another school year, graduates are celebrating the completing many nights of study, projects, and presentations. They have entered into a special club- the graduate club. What will the next phase bring? What should my future plans be?

These are some of the questions asked by many graduates- even by me a few years ago. I had asked those same questions and thought I knew exactly what to do. But, I realized that maybe life had other plans for me… As I look back, I realize life rarely turns out the way you think- but that’s ok.

When I got my terminal degree, I expected to teach. But after 3 years of effort to land that first job, no such thing happened. But, it ended up being better than I could imagine. I am happy where I am, right now, helping people communicate more effectively- mentoring and coaching. If we know how to look for the good things that come our way, and are prepared to work hard, everything turns out fine. Like life, communication sometimes does not go the way we plan. When we are committed to making an effort to be understood, and we don’t give up, then we can succeed in any interaction.

No matter where you are and what you may be doing, life is still a blessing. I continue to enjoy the right now… Otherwise, it’s gone soon enough …Remember, that why they call it the present.

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