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What does it take to be a leader? Well, first you must be able to tell what a leader is. As many of you probably know, when you think of a leader, a businessperson comes to mind. But there are many other types of leaders out there. You might have realized a parent, a coach or even your friend can be a leader. Yes, leaders come in all shapes and sizes… Anyone can be a leader. It just takes a little courage and persistence.
#KnowingYourself is #TheFirstStep to #Wisdom. That was said by Aristotle. So true, especially with the leaders I coach. In my opinion, this thought can help you as a leader. But I would also add 2 things to make you a better leader.

The first thing is leaders want and desire is to be understood. This means you need the ability to communicate effectively avoiding misdirection and misunderstanding. Leaders are effective communicators. They are masters at getting their points across. They try to make sure misunderstandings don’t occur. When a leader clarifies and reinforces the organization’s mission and goals, the leader has done a good job. When a leader uses effective communication, he develops trust and ethical behavior with the people he serves. When a leader has successfully communicated, the organization can move forward.

Now go back to your idea of a leader. Couldn’t you see your mother or father as a leader? How about your friend? Don’t they develop trust and avoid misunderstandings? What about you? When someone uses communication in this effective way, they could be a leader. But, I find that leaders go beyond that, they have become good listeners through daily practice. They want others to have the ability to express ideas and contribute. They show they care.

But, leaders also realize everyone is responsible for their part of the communication interaction. With my clients, I help them show others how to listen effectively. I believe that you can let others know you care by listening well.

The second thing leaders need is to be appreciated. Achieving organizational goals, confirms the job well done. People who help him, his employees, the stakeholders, customers, and suppliers may give an acknowledgement. When others provide positive feedback, successful changes result. Now back to your idea of a leader. Wouldn’t it be nice to be noticed for a job well done? How can you appreciate the leader in your life? How can others appreciate you?

The reality of this is the fact that any leader is a person like everyone else. Maybe it’s a parent, a coach like me, or even your friend. Maybe it’s you. Are you a leader? Do you have what it takes? Everyone wants to be heard and appreciated for whatever skills, talents, and abilities they have. We are all leaders in some way. Using these two strategies when you interact with others will help you become a communicator and a better leader.

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