Looking Within First

Everyone has those special moments in life that make you think.  Some call them turning points, or even ‘the moment”. When you realize something in your life needs to change – a pivot point in my life- a reckoning moment where everything needs to shift. Would you agree that we have all had those moments? Yes…

A few years ago, I was at a career impasse and did not know what to do. I felt like I was failing or stuck and I seemed obsessed with the negativity and problems. Which way do I go?

And then it hit me- I needed to change my mindset. Instead of trying to change the outside, I needed to change the inside first. I needed to stop bemoaning what was without, look within and take action!

So, I took action. I asked good questions about my skills and how could I build on that. The difference now was that I could run to a computer and decided- a PhD. program.

Not only did I get in, much to my surprise, the big day finally came. Not only did my changed mindset and the Universe reward me, I completed the program.

It was time for the hooding ceremony. The pageantry was like winning Olympics. They placed a cloth drape like the gold medal over my head. I stood for mere seconds while people clapped. I had changed my mindset and took action and the feedback came. Internal mindset had made the difference.

And so, I had my completion. I had a degree and soon a job in academia, or so I thought. And, the Universe was ready to reward me after I took action… right? Well, after over 200 applications, no job materialized. I was devastated yet again. But my mindset kicked in.

So again, I rolled up my sleeves, shifted my mindset and beliefs and decided on some new actions to take. I unlearned. I decided that my mindset about education wasn’t working for me. I still wanted to cry but instead, I looked within and took action until making the pivot needed. By looking within and making the change there first, my pivot was made.

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