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#LoosingYourPassion can be #Unlearned

All healthcare providers, whether you are a nurse of therapist, at one time or another, wanted to be the best. Many of you still are. But, sometimes things change. Your desire to be the best has left you for whatever reason, from – the fact ther are are multiply medically involved patients… you can’t seem to do everything you want to, or the documentation is crazy, to the system you work under has become difficult… you just don’t feel the same way as you did when you entered the profession. I know this can happen. I’ve been there…

When I speak to healthcare professionals, I ask them what made you enter the profession? What was it about that career that was so important to you? The answers I get are not surprising. Many professionals say, “Because I want to help people”, “Or to make a difference”. Many of us are just burnt out and have lost the passion for what we do. Isn’t passion important to any career- Don’t you have to really love it and want to be the best? Of course!

So, what do you do about that career that you are considering leaving? I recommend one simple exercise. Think back to when you were a student or when you first completed your training. What was it like? If we can put ourselves in that emotional state, I’ll bet you will find your answer. When we can feel how we felt when we truly loved what we were doing, the passion returns. The reasons come back to you, the passion you start to feel and the interactions are more positive.
Look for each day those feelings to return and they will. Learn tools and techniques to find your passion for your healthcare practice again.

If you need a coach, don’t wait around waiting for things to change. Change only happens to those people who take action. If you want more information, contact me at

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