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The 8th Wonder of the World

When I was working in the schools, we had special weeks during the year. This time it was fantastic places to travel in the world. I was working with a group of special needs children in language development that year and our assignment was to figure out what they thought were the “Seven Wonders Of The World”. I showed them many pictures and wrote place names on the board to get their minds working. Then they were to copy their choices on a piece of paper. After tallying the votes, the students decided that the list included:
· The Great Pyramids of Egypt
· The Taj Mahal
· The Grand Canyon
· The Panama Canal
· The Empire State Building
· St. Peter’s Basilica (I had to help them with this one…)
· The Great Wall of China

Then I noticed that one of my students in the room was still working. She had not completed her paper yet. I wondered if she needed more time. The little girl replied, “Yes, I think so. I really couldn’t decide because there were so many to put on the list.” So I asked her, “Ok then, tell us what you wrote and maybe I can help you finish. Why don’t you read what you have so far?” In a soft voice, the girl read, “I think the “Seven Wonders Of The World” are:
· To see
· To hear
· To touch
· To taste
· To feel
· To laugh
· To love

The children became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. This girl was aware of what others had forgotten. That day she taught me an important lesson. To be aware of the simple things in life because they are more important than we realize.
The moral of this story is that people have not built wonders of the world; the most precious things are already here. Often the simple, ordinary things in life are our “wonders of the world”.

But, I would like to add one more wonder that I think is critical to our success in life. That is the power of communication. It is skill that is a true wonder that we often take for granted. As a communication strategist, I help people develop their communication interaction skills with others. Take each opportunity to develop your wonderful skills through coaching and skill practice.

Remember to communicate your best each day. Be aware of the wonders in your world.

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