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“Meet Dr. Julee Hafner… A dynamic speaker! Her content is captivating and will lead participants to a new awareness about their communication skills. I highly recommend her to any meeting planner, or group, she is a wonderful presenter!”

Adam Markel, CEO More Love Media

“She was talking about how I can improve my communication!”

Tammy Patzer, Ph.D. Publisher/Host of Women Innovators Radio

“Over the years, we have had many speakers, but DRJULEE’s very unique talent of connecting with the attendees never ceases to amaze me. I especially like the Q & A in her presentation. It is lively and she makes the atmosphere so open for questions. Dr. Julee has the ability to draw our attendees into her presentation and that makes them very comfortable to ask questions”.

Bob Stewart, MAHE Conference Coordinator

“She talked about being a confident communicator, important in my business.”

Dawn Gluskin, CEO, Blissed Communications

“She constantly engages her audience while delivering important professional concepts that benefit an audience.  Julee has a tremendous sense of humor and uses it to help bring new thinking and concepts during her presentations. She is consistently is rated “best in class” on post-event attendee surveys.  No one nods off during one of her presentations!”

Edward H. Lybarger, Educational Consultant to the Hearing Aid Industry

“Fascinating… she was talking about the technological changes and communication and how its impacting my business.” 

Mort Walton, Co- Founder of Money Minders

“I’m excited for your book success… Today you gave an excellent talk about communication connections. I am going to be able to take a lot from your presentation into helping my business succeed.”

Blaise Delfino, CEO Fader Plugs

“She constantly delivers! That is why we bring her back year after year!”

Edward H. Lybarger, Educational Consultant to the Hearing Aid Industry

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