If you are looking for an energetic speaker for your next event, conference or training, contact Dr. Julee Hafner. DrJulee is a dynamic speaker interested in helping your group. More importantly, she can focus in on challenges and provide solutions to achieve intended results and objectives.

But, it’s your choice. You can choose whomever you want for your next event. And when it’s over, what do you want your attendees to say?

Do you want just another ‘dull’ speaker in their opinion? Or do you want your team fired up, ready to make REAL changes in what they do and singing your praise?

If you want happy attendees, then choose Dr. Julee Hafner for your next event. Her messages are relevant and resonate with our ever-changing world today. Specializing in human interaction and leader development, DrJulee helps update your skills to become a more productive, authentic communicator and leader.

She is known for her true passion of getting people to listen and communicate effectively to be productive.

It does not matter if your Audience is 5 or 500, Dr. Julee Hafner will leave them excited and ready for more!

The Topics That DRJULEE speaks about:

  • Communication Skills: The 7 Tactics to Communication Completions (Body Language)

How do the subtle parts of the message impact you and your business?  Are you aware that you are communicating even though are not speaking? In this presentation, learn the 7 Tactics to completing communications as an effective communicator. In addition, advanced communication strategies will focus upon so everyone can communication across all generations with emphasis on gender and age differentiation.

  • Communication Skills : Are you an “Heroic Communicator”?

Many people do not realize the impact of communication and its role on interaction, relationship strength, and business success. Are you able to send your message effectively? If you present yourself “heroically”, you are able to say what needs what needs to be said with courage and tact. In this presentation, attendees will learn that there are many factors that produce a strong, authentic message that is heard and understood.

You can develop your executive presence: How you can create a steady state, how you use your mind, and your emotions can be your pathway to leadership success.…Develop relationship bonds needed for success. Speaking “heroically” helps build trust and the executive presence needed for peak leader performance.

  • The art of change: The science of unlearning 

From the earliest days of man on the planet, man has been built for survival. Our brains have even been hardwired to help us understand dangers in our ever- changing world.

And, if change is such a natural process in our world, why then are we so afraid of it? How can you change anything that is not working for you?

Research has shown us we go to great lengths to avoid change, then we complain and are unhappy with the way our lives are going. Learn a 3-step process to develop your change skills to successfully unlearn what isn’t working for you. Become a happier, more productive in your personal and professional roles.

And her new topics:

  • 6 Wrong Ways Leaders Listen: The 1 Way to Listen for Impact
  • The Language of Leadership
  • The Benefits of Being

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